Cat Grooming Services

Why do cats need professional grooming?

Cats spend approximately 15 to 50% of their time self grooming which serves several purposes for your feline friend. The most obvious reason for self grooming is to remove food and debris from the coat. Generally, the cat will concentrate on the face, chest and paws when cleaning themselves. Areas such as the belly, back, hindlegs and under the tail are harder to reach and might be the first places you notice matted fur or less than sanitary conditions ( It is best to contact your professional groomer at the first signs of matted, clumped or smelly fur in order to keep you feline friend as comfortable as possible.

As a cat ages, their attempts at self grooming may not be sufficient to clean and comb the coat especially if they have a long coat or they might stop self grooming altogether. Many cats have a greasy coat, which further complicates matting issues. Regular bathing and brushing (or a lion cut) will keep your kitty in tip top shape. Regular nail trims are also important and a must for older, overweight, indoor or double pawed cats. Our groomer can assist you with creating a grooming schedule to meet your cat’s individual needs.

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The Lion Cut


Reasons for a lion cut:

  • The coat is pelted or severely matted
  • The cat appears to be uncomfortable, especially in warmer climates
  • The cat suffers from hairball problems
  • A person is allergic to cat dander
  • Maintenance grooming cannot be obtained for longer periods of time
  • Flea problems or general skin issues need to be resolved

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Coastal Creations Pet Salon’s experienced groomer is a member of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America and pursuing an education path to become a Master Cat Groomer. We are also Fear Free Certified for both dogs an cats.

We offer grooming by appointment with cat friendly times and exclusive cat only days.

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Please note Rabies vaccinations are required for cat grooming