Coastal Creations Pet Salon offers grooming services for small dogs and cats. With 20 years experience, our groomer is committed to providing quality grooming services and is certified by International Pet Grooming Professionals, Inc. It is important to us that your pets are groomed in a calm and relaxing environment. To ensure this, all pets visit CCPS by appointment. We are a fully insured grooming facility. Additionally, we have attended numerous continuing education seminars on pet grooming, animal handling and pet care across the country. We look forward to grooming your pets because we love them like our own!

Our groomer is certified Fear Free and Low Stress Handling Silver Certified.

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  • Earned a B.S. in Animal and Veterinary Sciences from the University of Maine at Orono 2006
  • Earned the title of Certified Fear Free Professional Groomer 2019 (the first in Maine)
  • Became the first Low Stress Handling Silver Certified groomer in Maine 2020
  • Winner of the New England Groom Olympics and the Title of Best Pet Groomer in New England 2016
  • Voted Best of the Best Pet Groomers by the Downeast Dog News Readers Poll 2016, 2019 & 2020.
  • Second place winner in the Rags to Riches Ultimate Groomer Competition 2018 by Double K Industries. A national competition with a total of 83 entries.
  • Silver medal winner in the Whole Pet Academy Grooming Competition 2019
  • Earned the title of Certified Master Groomer 2019
  • Completed DAATA Level One Certification, International Certification of Dermatological Grooming. First in the USA! And now level 3 certified.
What is the DAATA-ICDG Method ?
DAATA is a new grooming course based on the latest scientific data in pet dermatology, cosmetology and more.
It is here to raise the professional level of groomers to a technical level never reached by any other course before it. (daatacertification.com)


  • Certified Professional Cat Grooming by International Professional Groomers, Inc. 2021.